We are pleased to offer a carburettor reconditioning service

The service includes:-

A complete strip down of the carburettor.
An assessment of any additional work or parts required.
All parts will be ultrasonically cleaned.
Vapour blasting of the external carburettor body.
Rebuild of the carburettor, including resetting the float height and accelerator pump injection quantity.

New parts fitted:

Gaskets & O rings.
Needle valve and seat
Pump diaphragm*
Fuel filter*
Spindle bearings*
*where fitted.


Single or one twin barrel carburettor, eg Dellorto DHLA or DRLA, Weber DCOE or IDF, DGAV, DGAS £295
1 pair of twin barrel carburettors, eg Dellorto DHLA or DRLA, Weber DCOE or IDF £495
1 pair of Dellorto DHLA D or P carburettors £595
1 pair of twin barrel TURBO carburettors, eg Dellorto DHLA or DRLA £695
1 Pair of triple barrel carburettors, eg Weber IDA3c for Porsche £1095
1 pair of Solex PHH carburettors £795

All prices are plus VAT if applicable.

Please contact us  to arrange this service and to find out the current turn – around time, normally around 3 – 4  weeks.

Any other new parts or additional work will be advised and agreed before the work commences, parts will be charged at our standard price.

Damaged items, like screws & bolts heads will only be replaced if deemed un-serviceable.

Return postage will be charged as an extra at our normal postage rate.

We can also arrange for collection from a UK business address for £15 + vat.

Please read our Reconditioning terms and conditions, please also include a signed copy with any carburettors that are sent in for reconditioning.

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