These fully radiused trumpets are designed to draw more air in than the standard ones and should be used without filters for maximum effect. They are made from lightweight aluminium in the UK to a very high standard – not the usual cheap Chinese stuff!

The bolt on type can also be used for injection throttle bodies and DCOE carbs. which are fitted with slot in types as standard.

Please make sure you select the most suitable for your engine – you may not be able to fit these inside standard air filters and need at least 25mm clearance around the ends of the trumpets. Select the slot in type if you have DCOE’s with a gap around the aux. vent. to accept them – these will work better than the bolt on type. Bolt on type will fit Dell’Orto DHLA and DRLA, Weber DCOE and IDF.

For trumpets suitable for SU carburettors please see the SU trumpet section.

Note:- We recommend that the minimum distance between the end of the trumpet and inside of the air filter, inner wing or bulkhead is 25mm.

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Showing all 6 results