The spark plugs for motorcycles and scooters have to endure extreme conditions voltages in excess of 30,000 volts, temperatures above 1,000 ° and chemically corrosive environments, with very high pressures involved . The range offered by Bosch is extensive and appropriate to working on two wheels, and the application is simplified thanks to the electrode gap preset at the factory.

In the race, a motor runs for more than 80% at full throttle position and, therefore, the spark plugs are specially designed to meet the specific demands that result from this condition.

The use everyday instead involves continuous goodwill , stop and go driving in traffic and even long journeys. The Bosch spark plug is designed precisely to respond adequately to all of these operating variables always ensuring:

– High resistance to wear

– Quick self-cleaning for safe ignitions

– Protection of the engine and the catalytic converter

– Immediate Start

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