PVW103 Weber Deluxe progressive DFEV carburettor kit VW Type 1

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Progressive Weber Carb Kits are designed to add more power and performance to an engine in a single carb model and still retain economy. A 10%-15% increase in power can be expected by bolting a 2 barrel Weber Progressive carburettor onto your engine. The 356 aluminium manifold features an open Plenum for improved throttle response and to help eliminate flat spots and fuel puddling during the engines power range. Carburettor is equipped with an electric choke for those hard to start mornings.

This kits includes-

Weber DFEV Progressive Carburettor
356 aluminium intake manifold
Air cleaner assembly
Heat risers
All parts needed for complete installation
Deluxe Progressive Carb kits come complete with a Uni-Link Linkage Kit.

Uni-Link Linkage kits are a fast and easy way of hooking throttle control back up after installation of a progressive carburettor. Uni-Link Linkage Kits offer smooth, precise throttle control of the carburettor.

The Carburettor is pre-jetted for engines upto 1835cc under normal driving conditions. As with any installation, some final adjustments and fine tuning may be necessary.

Standard carburettor jetting:-

26mm Primary venturi (fixed)
27mm Secondary venturi (fixed)
137 Primary main jet
140 Secondary main jet
F6 Primary emulsion tube
F6 Secondary emulsion tube
165 Primary air corrector jet
160 Secondary air corrector jet
45 Primary idle jet
50 Secondary idle jet
65 Pump jet
2.00 Needle valve.

PVW103 Installation instructions