15290.014 Weber 34 ICH Carburettor – Bedford CF 2.3L Motorhome

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A Webcon replacement carburettor to suit Bedford CF 2.3L vans between 1975 & 1979.

Please note: The carburettor used in this replacement carburettor kit is a Weber 34ICH type which replaces the Weber 34 ict type fitted as original equipment and CANNOT be used to replace A Zenith 36IV carburettor.

The 34ICH carburettor is not supplied with the large plastic drum and spring, therefore these parts will need to be removed from the original carburettor and fitted to the new Weber carburettor.

Kit includes:

  • Weber 34ICH carburettor jetted to suit.
  • Fitting kit
  • Fuel line, fuel filter and clips

Standard jetting: 

  • 29mm choke (fixed)
  • 4.5 Auxillary venturi
  • 147 Main jet
  • 50 Idle jet
  • 145 Air corrector
  • 50 Pump jet
  • F78 Emulsion tube