VWK44 Twin Weber IDF40 carburettor kit Waterboxer WBX

£923.89 ex. VAT


Twin Weber IDF40 carburettor kit including manifold adaptors to suit VW T25 watercooled installations

Genuine Weber IDF 40carburettors – not Chinese copies 1 Pair of Weber 40 IDF 40 carburettors without cold start device fitted.

1 pair of manifold adaptor plates, CB performance complete manifold, air cleaner & throttle linkage kit with :-

  • Straight manifolds.
  • Cast alloy air filter bases and tops.
  • 45mm Washable air filter elements
  • Good quality metal rose joints with left and right hand threaded rod to give precise adjustment.
  • Manifold and air filter gaskets

Please specify engine size when ordering

Kits do not come with unions or pipes for joining / blanking off the existing water pipes or vacuum servo, or for providing for a fuel return.