DES13 Dellorto DRLA DHLA universal spindle lever

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Universal linkage lever to suit Dell’orto DHLA DHLB & DRLA spindles, made especially for Eurocarb in the UK to snugly fit on to Dellorto spindles.

The levers supplied in VW linkage kits are designed for Weber carbs and don’t fit well as the Weber spindles are larger in design compared to Dellortos.


  • Approximately 63.5mm total length.
  • Spindle hole to 1st hole = 9.25mm
  • Spindle hole to 2nd hole = 17.25mm
  • Spindle hole to 3rd hole = 25.25mm
  • Spindle hole to 4th hole = 33.25mm
  • Spindle hole to 5th hole = 41.25mm
  • 5 x fitting holes 5mm diameter.