Dellorto PHBH Gauze filter assembly

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Comprised of a retaining rubber and gauze, this assembly is a great gauze addition for your PHBH carburettor(s) fitted with the 10001 trumpet/adapter.

This gauze is manufactured to fit the 10001 trumpet which fits all PHBH Dell’Orto carburettors with the standard M42 threaded intake.

You can purchase the 10001 trumpet with the gauze sold as an assembly.

Rubber and gauze dimensions:

  • 38mm total length
  • 69.5mm diameter
  • 56.5mm diameter of gauze
  • 22mm length of rubber

The rubber mounts have been manufactured to fit exactly onto the 10001 trumpet, therefore the internal dimensions are:

  • 59.5mm internal diameter
  • 62mm groove to locate onto the trumpet
  • 16mm depth

Trumpet dimensions:

  • Outside diameter 59.5mm
  • 62mm over pipe fitting lip
  • 16mm long
  • M42 thread