R2695 Dellorto PHBG 19DS Racing

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Black cataphoresis painted body.

Aluminium screw on top cover.

Oil feed connection.

Vacuum take off for fuel switch or balancing if used as part of multiple carburettor setup.

M32 x 1.25 threaded air intake connection, fitted with air intake adaptor / short trumpet.

Rubber sleeve type engine connection to suit 25mm stub.

Cable type choke mechanism fitted, lift and twist type can be fitted if requested.

Metal float bowl with drain plug / main jet access cover.

Standard jetting

  • 30 Slide
  • W9 Needle
  • 262AN Atomiser
  • 75 Main jet
  • 45 Idle jet
  • 60 Choke jet
  • 9450.1 Float – 4.0 grams