DHLA turbo conversion kit

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This kit contains the parts required to convert a normally aspirated DHLA carburettor to turbo use, includes:

  • Genuine factory supplied gasket set with rubber gaskets and spindle seals.
  • Turbo jet cover / inlet.
  • Spindle seal retaining washer -the body needs to be machined to accept these
  • Viton tipped turbo spec. needle valve – uprated spring pressure, size 200.

The required modifications include:- Counter bores on inner spindle holes to fit the seals,O rings and star washers.

Machining a groove in the choke actutator spindle to accept an O ring. (see item 10128)

Machining flat the area where the Turbo jet cover sits.

Please note we are unable to give exact information or dimensions for making these modifications.