2240.0600 Cohline Carburettor – 8mm Fuel injection hose Bio/Ethanol resistant (7.3mm bore)

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Cohline type 2240 Fuel hose with low permeation.

7.3mm bore x 13.5mm outer diameter.

Inside FPM/ECO, aramid brading inside, Outside ECO (abrasion resistant outer rubber layer)

DIN 73379-3E (edition 11/97)

  • Working pressure 10Bar
  • Testing pressure 20Bar
  • Burst pressure 50bar
  • Minimum bend radius 60mm

Suitable for commercial fuel including ethanol and Bio-diesel consisting of Rapeoilmethylester (RME Fuels)  and E10.

Temperature range -40° to 125 °C, short term upto 140 °C

Sold per meter, max  continous length 20mtr