DHLA/DCOE air filter 83mm

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Good quality brand new stainless steel air filter, the same size as K&N small oval units.

Oval dimensions 178 x 118mm,

83mm deep.

Height above top fixing stud 30mm

Depth of filter below bottom fixing stud 25mm

Up to 60mm long trumpets/stacks can be fitted inside these for optimum air flow, power and torque.

Will fit:-

  • DellOrto DHLA 40,45 and 48 Weber
  • DCOE 38,40,42,45 and 48 (Note – hole size for trumpet is 48mm, which may need modification for slot in trumpets )
  • Solex ADDHE.

Comes with air filter gasket.

Note – not suitable for use with full radius rampipes.

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