All our twin carb. kits use genuine Weber or Dell’Orto carburettors which are jetted to suit.

We have dual single choke Weber ICT kits or dual twin choke Weber IDF or reconditioned Dell’Orto DRLA kits. We are now able to supply these kits with the option of either CSP, CB Performance or EMPI manifolds, linkage kits and K&N, CB Performance or EMPI air filters. To choose the correct kit for your engine you need to decide what you want to achieve.

For a good increase in performance whilst maintaining reasonable economy go for the ICT kits. If you want ultimate performance the IDF or DRLA kits are the best. These will give the most power and torque on any size engine but fuel consumption will be increased on short stop-start journeys. On long trips the fuel economy should be around the same as the ICTs.