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Orders to all EU countries

(EN) Unfortunately, due to changes in EU VAT laws, we can no longer accept orders with a value of less than £135 (€150) from countries inside the EU. Please order from our EU dealer here: Orders over £135 will be sent from us in the normal way, with duties charged on delivery.

(IT) Sfortunatamente, a causa dei cambiamenti nelle leggi sull’IVA dell’UE, non possiamo più accettare ordini con un valore inferiore a £135 (€150) da paesi all’interno dell’UE. Si prega di ordinare dal nostro rivenditore UE qui:  Gli ordini superiori a £135 saranno spediti da noi nel modo normale, con i dazi applicati alla consegna.

(FR) Malheureusement, en raison de changements dans la législation européenne sur la TVA, nous ne pouvons plus accepter les commandes d’une valeur inférieure à 135 £ (150 €) provenant de pays de l’UE. Veuillez commander auprès de notre revendeur européen ici : Les commandes d’une valeur supérieure à £135 seront envoyées par nos soins de la manière habituelle, les droits étant facturés à la livraison..

(DE) Aufgrund von Änderungen der EU-Mehrwertsteuergesetze können wir leider keine Bestellungen mit einem Wert von weniger als £135 (€150) aus Ländern innerhalb der EU mehr annehmen. Bitte bestellen Sie bei unserem EU-Händler hier: Bestellungen über £135 werden von uns auf dem normalen Weg verschickt, wobei bei der Lieferung Zollgebühren anfallen.

(ES) Lamentablemente, debido a los cambios en las leyes del IVA de la UE, ya no podemos aceptar pedidos con un valor inferior a 135 libras (150 euros) de países de la UE. Por favor, haga su pedido en nuestro distribuidor de la UE aquí: Los pedidos superiores a 135 libras esterlinas serán enviados por nosotros de la forma habitual, con los aranceles cargados a la entrega.

(NL) Helaas kunnen wij, als gevolg van veranderingen in de EU BTW-wetgeving, niet langer bestellingen accepteren met een waarde van minder dan £135 (€150) uit landen binnen de EU. Gelieve hier te bestellen bij onze EU-verdeler: Bestellingen met een waarde van meer dan £135 worden door ons op de normale manier verzonden, waarbij bij aflevering rechten in rekening worden gebracht.

(DK) På grund af ændringer i EU’s momslovgivning kan vi desværre ikke længere acceptere ordrer med en værdi på under 135 £ (150 €) fra lande i EU. Bestil venligst fra vores EU-forhandler her: Ordrer over £135 sendes fra os på normal vis med told ved levering.

(EL) Δυστυχώς, λόγω των αλλαγών στους νόμους της ΕΕ περί ΦΠΑ, δεν μπορούμε πλέον να δεχόμαστε παραγγελίες με αξία μικρότερη των £135 (€150) από χώρες εντός της ΕΕ. Παρακαλούμε να παραγγείλετε από τον αντιπρόσωπό μας στην ΕΕ εδώ: Οι παραγγελίες άνω των £135 θα αποστέλλονται από εμάς με τον κανονικό τρόπο, με επιβάρυνση με δασμούς κατά την παράδοση.

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Covid 19

We are still open but we are limiting the amount of staff in the office so some are working from home

** We are not open for personal callers **

We can currently take orders and ship the same or next day.

We’ll update if this changes.

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Bosch Spark Plugs

The spark plugs for motorcycles and scooters have to endure extreme conditions voltages in excess of 30,000 volts, temperatures above 1000° and chemically corrosive environments, with very high pressures involved . The range offered by Bosch is extensive and appropriate to working on two wheels, and the application is simplified thanks to the electrode gap preset at the factory.

In the race, a motor runs for more than 80% at full throttle position and, therefore, the spark plugs  are specially designed to meet the specific demands that result from this condition.

The use everyday instead involves continuous goodwill , stop and go driving in traffic and even long journeys. The Bosch spark plug is designed precisely to respond adequately to all of these operating variables always ensuring:

– High resistance to wear

– Quick self-cleaning for safe ignitions

– Protection of the engine and the catalytic converter

– Immediate Starts

Please click here to go direct to the spark plugs

If we do not have the type you need, please ask, we may be able to supply it.

Trade enquires welcome.