19600.017 Weber DCOE 45-9 carburettor

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Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy

This carburettor has a cable operated fuel enrichment starting mechanism (choke) fitted.

This variation does not have any air-bypass adjusting screws like the 152 series.

Standard jetting is:-

  • 36mm Venturi Choke
  • 4.5 Auxillary Venturi (these can be changed for a small charge)
  • 145 Main jet
  • F16 Emulsion tube
  • 155 Air corrector jet
  • 40 Pump exhaust valve
  • 55F8 Idle jet
  • 45 Pump jet
  • 2.00 Needle valve.

These carbs are sold as singles and have a cable lever & single fuel union fitted as per the picture, to use as a pair please order a T union and a balance lever as separate items.