LP4301 DHLA single cable linkage kit – fully adjustable

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New – fully adjustable linkage kit for Dellorto DHLA carburettors mounted as pairs or singles.

Low profile – suitable for height restricted applications.

Kit includes:-

  • Cast mounting bracket with fully assembled linkage mechanism.
  • Linkage lever and balance lever for connecting to second carburettor.
  • “Tongue” of drive lever is 40mm long, so it can be used on wide spaced carburettors or cut for close coupled.
  • Adjustable ball rod bar complete with dust seals and retaining clips.
  • Longer top cover screws for fitting cast bracket to carburettor.
  • 2 allen keys for assembly.
  • Spares kit.

Please note :

Throttle cable not supplied.

Requires that the manifold is not linked between the bores to allow the linkage levers space to operate. (typically 2 & 3 on a 4 cylinder engine)

Click here for instruction sheet.