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IDF carburettors

Click here for a large image. Weber IDF 40 carburettor (with starter)

Weber 40mm IDF 70  carburettor.

Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy

This carburettor has a cable operated fuel enrichment starting mechanism (choke) fitted.

Standard jetting is:-

  • 28mm Venturi
  • 115 Main jet
  • F11 Emulsion tube
  • 200 Air corrector jet
  • 55 Pump exhaust valve
  • 52 Idle jet
  • 50 Pump jet
  • 1.75 Needle valve.


We can re-jet this carburettor to suit your application, please contact us before ordering to discuss your requirments.

Part No - 18950.138 275.00
ex. VAT